Undercover Lover

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fjallraven

We were both in the intelligence working on a project trying to take down a human trafficking circle. I was an undercover agent posing as a high end call girl and John was my backup, my guardian angel, my lifeline posing as a prospect climbing up the ranks of the organization. We were on this case for years, slowly earning trust and digging our way inside the operation. John was the kind of man who has an off switch to his feelings. Protect, at all cost. That was his calling. He would take a bullet for me any day. When we were in the field, in character for our double lives, he never acknowledged me. It was the most essential part of our covers. I was just a call girl to him. Our rendezvous would be when he bought me. It was known that I was his favorite girl to take back to fuck. Once the door of the bedroom closed we would have our moment. Upload data, go over security protocols, anything but go to bed with each other. On the night of a standard operation it all went wrong. One look exchanged and suspicion was stirred up. The paranoia was through the roof as rumours had been in the air of a mole infiltrating the group. We were on our way back to a bedroom as suddenly someone came running down the hallway calling Joe's name. The tone of accusation in his voice made my blood freeze. The man assured Joe that nothing was wrong if he could prove one simple thing to him. The man pushed Joe violently through a door and into a dimly lit room. There where four other men in there. You're going to fuck now, thats all we need from you as proof of who you are. John knew there was no other way. He knew how terrified I was, he knew me. He had to stay in character and at the same time reassure me I was going to be ok. He gave me a look that told me to give in, let him take charge, to switch off every emotion just like he knows how to. His hands gripped me. His hands were saying Im going to take you now but his eyes where saying I would never take anything from you. He fucked me with his body but made love to me with his eyes...