Two too young lumberjacks

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wantonwoman

I live in an isolated cottage on the edge of an island, I weave, grow my own food and sustain myself quite adequately. There is only one thing missing from my life, those two lumberjacks that pass through my garden on their way to the dock each month, to get picked up by mainland boat. They spend about 2 weeks at a time up on the mountain felling trees. I have never wanted two or too young men before, but I want to touch, to taste and to pleasure them both. I hear their whistling as they walk down the steep pathway that snakes past my garden, and I know this time they will want to stop. I am naked, stretched out on a hammock under the shade of a leafy tree. I hear the whistling stop suddenly, I hear the sound of footsteps getting closer, I turn my head and see them approaching, their hands on their cocks already, I spread my legs so they can see I am ready. They position themselves on either side of the hammock and I say only one thing to them, "Yes, both of you." They lean down and run their hands over me, kiss me and suckle me, they run their fingers along my body to find my wet pussy, the take everything in turns, one politely after the other. I am more turned on than I have ever been. I am writhing with ecstasy and I really don't mind what they want to do to me, I tell them this. My legs are dragged from the hammock so I am open to them, they both bend their head and use their tongues on me at the same time, making me orgasm many times before they take turns fucking me, coming on my stomach, my breasts. Flipping me over so they can repeat the same from behind. I am spent and filled, I slide from the hammock and they sit down, next to each other, gently swinging the hammock, as I take turns on their cocks, stroking and sucking them, taking turns. They are young and recover quickly, I spend so long on blowing them my mouth is sore. We all hear the sound of the horn from the mainland boat, the two young men zip up their pants, kiss me fiercely and say they will find me next month, in the garden.