Tribal Gathering

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Automatica

One of my favourite fantasies has me as an explorer in the jungle of a far away land, wandering through the rain-soaked undergrowth in search of hidden tribes and long lost relics from a forgotten time.

Along the way I meet with a matriarchal tribe who happen to have a very sex positive outlook. As their guest and outsider I am greeted with amazing wild food and drink, followed by an invitation to spend the night with several of the women. I accept and follow one of the tribal women to their hut, where we are joined with two other women. They then take it in turns with me as we fuck in more ways than I thought imaginable. We keep going until the sun comes up and I realise that I must return to my original journey, much as I wish I could stay. I wave farewell, forever remembering that incredible, erotic night.