Total Openness

A Sexual Fantasy

— By u864443

We are a gay male couple, one a lawyer, the other a doctor. Many would view us as pillars of the community and we live in a large detached house on the edge of a midsize town in England. We are both blessed to be handsome and muscular, with our best features being our bubble butts. We are both in our late 20s and have been together for 5 years. There is only one problem with this near perfect life, we are both bottoms and both want to experience BDSM as subs.

We therefore explored online together and found a younger lad from a council estate - in England we would describe him as a “scally”. The fact that someone from a lower class wanted to dominate us turned us both on. The fact I may have helped defend him for a previous shoplifting prosecution played no small part in this. The way he talked to us was so filthy. He fucked us both so hard, so good we would compete with each other for his attention. He wanted to control us totally. He demanded we were naked as soon as we got out of our cars at home. To ensure we did this he set up cameras all over house and garden, we had no privacy at all, even the bathroom and bedrooms were being watched at all times. He would send round his friends to use us.

All was recorded and broadcast to his friends. They had no respect for our property and by the end of each session we would need to clear up the mess, remove stains and throw out broken ornaments - all while we were naked and still caked in remnants of the filthy sex. We adored all of this - the public degradation contrasting to our smart professional lives. The more people that watched this broadcast our sexual fulfilment increased, never more so than when a stranger passed us on the street laugh, point or even spit at us.