Time Traveling Sex II: Bridal Tag Team

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Junkman

There's only a two-minute window, so my time machine better be up to the task. I catch my younger self just in time to stop him from applying a liberal dose of Brut aftershave. He is so shocked to see his older self that he follows my commands. “Hide in the closet. Watch. And learn” I say.

My bride is still in her gown and collapsed on the bed. A star can only dazzle so long before it fades to black... and then explodes.

The room is lit by a couple candles but I am leaving nothing to chance—she has aged better than I have. I tell her to keep her eyes closed and I take off her veil to blindfold her. I gently turn her over and slowly strip her down to her garter belt.

She still thinks I am a gentleman so I start working her shoulders. But she has been waiting for me since the dawn of time. She pushes my hands towards her beautiful little bum.

From my pocket, I grab a mysterious liquid from the future—it’s silicon in nature. I drizzle it over her ass and knead it into her virgin skin until it glitters in the light. I rotate her cheeks in concentric circles, wider and wider, preparing her for me.

I climb out of my unitard so I can feel her naked skin on my body. Straddling her lower back, I douse my cock with more liquid from the future to massage her between her two cheeks. She is tight, but with increasing pressure I sense that my head has found a small opening. She “oohs” and “ahhs” in a tone that says, “Who the fuck are you?”

When I know she is ready I beckon my younger self to finish the job with a spritely cock he's just barely been able to contain in the closet. We slap hands and I take his place in the closet. I stash my bottle of magic in his suitcase with a note: "This will save your marriage.”

The universe has many matters to attend to, but I stop and take a moment to bear witness to our banging consummation.