A Sexual Fantasy

— By Noelle90

During my third session of physical therapy, my therapist recommended me to free my leg’s muscles so, I lay down on the stretcher, he asked me to take off my pants, covered me with a blanket, then put some oil in my legs and started to press tight all my muscles. It was painful, but at the same time I started feeling pleasure. He asked me if I was okay and I said that it was fine so… he pressed even tighter. The pain was more intense and I couldn’t help moaning, he asked me to relax, I tried but his hands run all over my legs, I started to pressed the pillow. He said he would do it soft now, so he started on my feet, I could feel his fingers pressing my legs gently, and at the same time, I started feeling his lips and his tongue, he started kissing every muscle, then he grabbed my ass very tight and I moan louder this time. I could feel his fingers in my panty, he started playing with my pussy, I tried not to moan too loud because I knew there were other people around so, I covered myself with the pillow. He took off my panties and asked me to turn over. I could see the desire in his eyes, I was breathing fast and my nipples were so hard. He came closer and kissed me gently on the lips and then my neck, he also grabbed my breast hard. I sat down and took my t-shirt, I brought him closer to me and took off his t-shirt as well. I touched his shoulders and kissed his chest, then I rolled his waist with my legs and kissed him passionately while I played with his hair. His hands were all over my back and my waist. I lowered the zipper of his pants and grabbed his cock, it was so hard I wanted to put it my mouth immediately so, I asked him to sit down and I sucked it hard completely until he started moaning, then I sat on him and he fucked me hard, his face was all over my breast, which I enjoyed a lot. He pushed me back to the stretcher and started doing oral sex, he was pretty good at it. Then he came over me one more time, at that point, we totally forget about the people around. It was amazing. When we were done, I put my clothes on and he smiled at me, see you in next session, he said.