The real Blind Date

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LiBo

So this happened three years ago, but I would be very happy to see a film version of it. Met a girl via Tinder/Bumble. I don't exactly remember. It was the first wave of Covid. She lives in the North of my country. I live in the South and was only up north for a more extended visit with my parents due to covid. During my stay in the North, we didn't have the time to meet and were a bit reluctant, since I was staying with my elder parents, and everything was confusing back then. Since she originally came from the South, we decided to meet in my apartment in the South when she would be around the next time. We wrote a while back and forth, so there was some form of trust, and it was obvious what would happen when we met. We decided to spice things up a bit: our meeting would occur in my apartment. She would enter through the main door, I would leave the apartment through the terrace so she could get a first impression of the apartment. I would return after 10 minutes and enter with a blindfold on my eyes. She would wait in my bedroom with her eyes blindfolded as well. This was the plan, and we went through with it. It was really, really excellent, not being able to use our eyes while we were all over each other. We undressed each other, kissed, and took a lot of time to explore each other's bodies. I had placed some condoms nearby so I could grab them without seeing them, and indeed, they were used after some time. After an hour or so, we were lying breathless in my bed, and the blindfolds had come loose. That was the first time we really saw each other live and in person. Her whole stay was an enjoyable time, but this is an experience, I still consider one of my favorites. An actual blind date. ;-) Thank you!