The Pink Panther

A Sexual Fantasy

— By becca.plaza

I love sparkles. I love jewels. I love to gift myself. I love the Pink Panther. I also love a guy in trouble. I am a good natured woman but I would be lying if I said jewel thief was not in my erotic fantasy box. I grew up in the nineties where all the shows and movies had bad guys and hot women unable to rescue themselves. It bothered(s) me to no end! How about a guy in distress? A good guy rescued by a woman? Or...possibly a connection with a self-helping ner-do-well who has a certain barracuda like draw to jewelry shops?

So it is in a well established family owned for generations jewelry store I see two things that catch my eye. One is the shop-owner’s son taking over while his father is away. Floppy hair, puppy-dog eyes and has that face so innocent and sincere it pulls heartstrings a bit especially when I see the emerald ring below his palms under the glass I know I’m coming back for tonight. I’ve been in here the past few weeks scoping it out. It would be quick. No guns. No harm. Just a new weight when I got home and fell asleep with my hand hanging over the side of the bed with its new flair.

I try it on, his hands helping it onto one of my fingers and I blush. He says it was made for me and he appears to be admiring it too. Ours eyes meet and for a moment I feel he knows. I agree to come back for it.

The shop is dark and I slip inside through the smoking window that is never locked and close in on my target. That’s when I notice him. He’s reading a book at his father’s desk. I approach in my tight black clothes and tell him to put his hands behind his back. I bind his hands behind the chair and tie a cloth in his mouth. Close to his ear I tell him everything will be fine. There is only slight surprise in his eyes. The key to the cases are resting next to a mug and I grab them. With the turn of the lock the ring is mine and I slip it on. I turn back to him. He’s watching with curiosity. I can’t help but feel turned on. I walk back to the office and that’s when I notice another two things. One is a pack of cigarettes. Had he purposely been leaving the window open? The other is excitement in his trousers. I grab a hunk of his hair and yank his head back staring into his eyes. There is no fear. His lips quiver around the gag. I run my hand along his thighs teasing. I unzip him and suck him, graze my teeth and I’m so turned on by his moans. I touch myself too until it gets to be too much. I untie him, tear the cloth from his mouth as he lays me on the desk where we have sex for what feels like forever. Legs in the air, knees bent, breasts heaving... It’s then an alarm goes off. The smoke alarm. He had left one burning and the sprinklers go off. We climb out the window and disappear into the night. Two hands hanging over the side of my bed in the morning.