The Pharmacist's Hands

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

... I do wonder what it is that makes me feel so attracted to pharmacists! Sure, they seem similar to doctors, men in white coats: kind of powerful, as if they truly understanding the body's needs and desires. They have this kind of x-ray look within the cold pharmacy atmosphere.

Every now and then, I walk in, I feel like I am completely naked in their eyes. Buying antibiotics or condoms- he knows all my awkward secrets. So last night our fingertips touched when he gave me the change, and looked at me with - that look.

The pharmacy is in a huge shopping mall. So, in my fantasy, I obviously return the next evening. Its winter and in contrast to yet another flue warning I wear nothing but a huge coat, a big, long scarf and my boots. Its just after 8pm, the mall just closed and nobody is left in the building. I walk by the glass windows of the pharmacy, that is still lid with its cool white light. But with less people in the room, its not uncomfortable - but rather sexy. Nothing to hide.

The pharmacist, around 50, stares upon a display, his slightly grey hair cut short. He has calm, cheeky eyes, framed by adventurers wrinkles. He looks like he knows exactly what he wants and as if no secret can be hidden from him. Strict..., but with a lot of guilty pleasures.

He looks up to me and after a moment of confusion, smiles, presses a button to open the automatic door. I walk in and sit down in a corner in a tiny waiting lounge and grab a pharmacist magazine. He continues tipping at the display for a few moments and observes me. Then fills a glass of water in a plastic cub and walks over slowly, his eyes resting calm and full of ease and joy. He hands me over the glas and with his now empty hands touches my shoulders gently under my coat, taking of my big scarf. I drink the water and feel his hands moving down my breast. He has articulated and beautiful soft and dry fingers. He touches my face and kisses me, softly for a while, his hand between my legs.

He pulls me up, fixating both of my arms behind my back with his strong hand while moving to my vagina with his other hand. He kisses my neck and kicks the magazine shelf and some baskets with chewing gum and gummibears, to push me up to the wall where he goes down on me. I can see the empty mall outside the windows, quiet and distant. Advertising lights are blinking, some boutiques have their lights on, and I see all this while the pharmacist is opening his white pants to fuck me. I put one leg on the lounge chair before turning around, his mouth biting my neck. I am wearing nothing while he is still dressed. For a moment I grab his buttocks, firm and sexy.

After a while I sit on top of him on the sterile turquoise pharmacy bench and come. He takes his cock in the hand while holding my throat and finishes off while looking at me.


- and thanks for your great work