The Neighborhood Crane Operator

A Sexual Fantasy

— By EmoGirl

My neighborhood has increased condo construction for my quickly-growing city. One area along my street has started yet another condo project and I can see the large and tall crane from by bedroom window. One day while lounging on my bed I was nonchalantly watching the rotation of the crane as it went round and round doing its thing. I began to think about the crane operator and how crazy scary and important his job was. He has to climb those scary ladders, each way, every day and be up in that seat for hours?! What kind of man could handle this terrifying experience? He must be strong, fearless, rugged, dirty, sweaty, probably fit...handsome, sexy...And each day I would have these mini fantasies about the crane operator that I could daydream about within eyeshot. Loving the idea that even though he was far, if he was closer to my open window he would see me touching myself and watching him. One day out of naughty curiosity I decided to walk down the street to see if maybe I could get a better look. The stars must of aligned that day because I saw him climbing down the ladder as I drew closer towards the scene. I never did get to see his face but it's okay. My fantasy ends with being with my mystery crane operator, hopefully face down and ass up in or against his truck as I tell him how intrigued I am by his profession. Maybe he finger blasts me with those strong and meaty hands he has as well.