I was born a Missionary

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

I was born a missionary.
I do not remember neither the movie theatre nor the film that I had gone to see. It was, yes I remember, an old romantic movie in black and white.
I was with my girlfriend at the time: she was beautiful and young like me. In our own row, some place farther to my right, a woman no longer young no longer skinny had her head slightly tilted back and her left hand rubbing something on the light fabric of her skirt - it was summer. I was distracted by the gentle and only to me perceptible movement, so I did not look over the film but I was mesmerized on the hand, it was evident, massaging her pussy. The movement became more and more frantic, and I think it did not take long because the woman came. I could see very slight tremors of the belly and then the rest. The film ended and when the lights raised on the woman got up, reset the light dress and walked to the exit. With my girlfriend, I accelerated the pace to follow her and in oblique light of summer sunset, from behind, I could clearly see that the unknown woman was not wearing panties.
In my mind I saw another film: women no longer young or beautiful or thin, going to masturbate in a movie theater or somewhere to quench their sexual thirst. So I decided that it would never be: from now on there it would be me to come to their aid in those moments.
Thus I was born “the missionary”.