the jiu-jitsu master

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mele

I just started jiu-jitsu and it's getting my imagination wild and 🔥... I like the contrast of me a ballet thin blond girl 🩰 rolling with those "heavy", strong yet very gentle and respectful guys. My fantasy is to participate in a masterclass at my academy led by Nicholas Meregali a brazilian BJJ master 🥋, since the moment I arrive our eyes catch and there is an irresistible attraction, I am quite shy so I keep discret and stay with all the other students of the academy also here attending the event, casually talking with each other as we are used to do, it's really a very positive environment, very friendly, a real family here. He prepares his things, chat a bit with the owner but I see he keeps an eye on me, where I am, who I talk to ... Then we all gather around him on the mat as he explains the moves of the day... then come the actual practice, by pair, I first roll with some other students of the academy until at a moment he comes to train with me, it's when things get hot, we both feel the desire, he is sweating a lot, the belt has been lost in the movements so his kimono opened, chest bare... he teaches me, we rolls, we rolls, we rolls... it's getting almost unbearable to control ourselves and we found our way somehow to escape the mat and find a place out of everyone else eyes to have sex... I think you can create good content with jiu-jitsu since it can be very sexual in many ways, it's all about submission and the rolling itself is 🔥😳🥵😏 at least I would really enjoy that !!