The Happy Three

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Happy Couple

Typical of middle-aged couples, I suppose, my husband and I put the sexual spark back in our marriage by role playing. I played a high-end escort and he, a client. We met in a hotel bar, based on a "referral." He gave me an envelope of (our) money, and we went to a private room where enacting the fantasy made for great sex. The first three times we did it, it kept getting better. The fourth time we played this game, before my husband showed up, I noticed another guy sitting in the bar, and I him found very sexy. He noticed me, too, and we started chatting flirtatiously. When my husband arrived he took it in stride but clearly thought the fun would be in getting rid of his rival. I was so excited by the fantasy by then that I wanted to let the guy buy in to our party for the evening, not telling him my husband was anything but a client. I kept ordering us drinks, and soon it all happened as I wanted it to. The sex was mind-blowing. I fucked my husband first, and the other guy watched. Then we traded. They both made me come, and I them. Lastly we all embraced and came together, figuratively and literally. My husband and I shared a peak experience, and that guy is one lucky bastard. And yes, I kept the money!