The Graysexual

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Frankie Relax

As a queer guy that is part of the ace spectrum, I'm more reserved and not eagerly looking for sexual intimacy. This does not mean I never think about it or would like to someday explore. On the contrary, my libido fantasizes about the eventual possibility of sharing intimacy with somebody experienced that introduces me to this new world. Since I'm queer, sometimes I think of woman teaching me how to pleasure her, showing me the places that she wants me to kiss and treat nicely, making me understand and experience a body that is foreign to me. When I think of a guy being the initiator, he exploits those places of pleasure in my body, which have only been touched by myself. He also wants me to touch him, feel the enjoyment of pleasuring a body I'm familiar with but it's not my own. Those two lovers make me understand that sex is about connection, that I should not be afraid of it and that it is okay to lower my inhibitions sometimes. As my teachers, they allow me to explore the limits of the pleasure I can feel and make others feel. The final lesson they instruct is that I should embrace my queerness and difference: be unashamed of who I am and thankful for liking what is similar and different to me. That is what sex is in the mind of this graysexual.