The Final Interview

A Sexual Fantasy

— By original wanksta

A rich, successful woman wanted a new lover, but she was so busy with her career that dating was difficult. After a few disappointing attempts to use dating apps, she decided to hire an assistant. The assistant's job was to interview potential lovers and assess their potential. Anyone who was arrogant, crude, or selfish would be eliminated from consideration.

Few make it to the final interview. The candidate is led to a changing room, where they remove all their clothes except for a robe. The changing room is connected to an intimate bedroom, where they can relax with a glass of wine until joined by the assistant, who is also nude except for a robe.

This interview is not about judging the candidate's body, but about how well they can please a woman in bed. Being a good kisser who's great at eating pussy is more important than having a big cock or nice breasts. Only the most generous, attentive, and patient lovers pass the final interview and get to meet the boss.