At the Doctor's

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lady White Bird

Dr. Williams is a strikingly handsome doctor. He comes out to the secluded waiting room, guides me into a quiet room. As I step on the scale, he leans in close behind me - I can smell his deodorant - and slowly, sensually, reaches around to check my weight. "Turn around," he whispers - I gradually turn, his face mere inches from mine, my body enveloped in his heat, as he gazes into my eyes. I'm instructed to remove my clothing - he makes no signs of leaving. Slowly, slowly, my body is exposed to his piercing stare. His eyes rake up and down my body, resting on my heaving bosom, examining me, desiring me. I lie down, naked, on the bed. He attaches buttons and wires to my forehead, my breasts, my arms... lingering on each one. I lie bare, throbbing with desire. Dr. Williams grazes his hands over my body, my legs, parting them open, stroking me, softly applying a vibrator. My eyes close, lost in feeling. Hands come, holding my arms down, a mouth exploring mine - my eyes flutter open - it's Dr. Davis, assisting. Dr. Davis attacks my mouth, my breasts, as the vibrations increase. Tongue, teeth, hands, vibrators, fingers, explore me, stimulate me... I lay there, panting, screaming.