Temptations Under the Sun

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Me time.

I am turned on by the idea of infidelity. I have dreamt of this moment for years, indulging in a fantasy that I've perfected in my mind over time. And it involves my husbands best friend.This is my confession.It was sweltering, the kind of heat that clung to every inch of my skin, making me feel alive and on edge. But as much as the heat was a physical sensation, it was the forbidden tension that was building inside me that kept me in a constant state of arousal. For seven days, I would be sharing a luxurious resort villa with my husband and his best friend, Jack, along with his wife.I had always enjoyed Jack's company. He was charming, quick-witted, and his compliments always left a tingle in my stomach. But on this trip, Jack's words lingered a little longer, his touches felt a little more intentional, and I couldn't help but feel a tantalizing desire growing between us.As I walked out of the pool, Jack appeared behind me, whispering into my ear. "You look absolutely stunning," his breath tickling my skin. I felt a flush rise to my cheeks, and I couldn't deny the rush of excitement that pulsed through me. In that moment, I felt more desirable than ever before.Later that day, as the others set off on a day trip, I decided to indulge in a massage. But with a masseur's hands running over my skin, my mind couldn't help but drift to Jack. I felt guilty for my forbidden thoughts, but I couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like if it were Jack's touch instead.When I returned to the villa, I attempted to banish these impure thoughts by succumbing to a little self-love. As I lay on the linen couch, the warm breeze blowing through the open doors, my hands roamed my body. I was lost in my own pleasure, unaware of my surroundings until I looked up to find Jack standing there. I froze, feeling embarrassed, but his gaze drew me in, daring me to keep going.Jack slowly took my hand and led me outside onto the cabana. I knew it was wrong, but I could not deny the pull of my desires any longer. The anticipation was palpable, and my heart raced as Jack's hands roamed my body, igniting a fire within me. The intensity and exhilaration of being taken by Jack was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I surrendered to the pleasure of it all, consumed by our forbidden passion.