Teach me how to dance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By M for Bachata

I dare any woman who takes ballroom dance classes not to feel the slightest sexual desire for her dance instructor. Mine is not particularly sexy, he is a plain man, not very tall, not very thin or fit, he has a nice beard though, and we have a big age difference (I'm in my twenties and he in his thirties) but when he dances... he becomes a different person. He teaches salsa and bachata, two very sexually intense dances.
So I have a fantasy about him. It's late at night after our class is over and he is spending some more time with me, working on my bachata style. Sweaty and very close together we are dancing, our whole bodies touching, he stops to correct my style from time to time. So it all starts as he has me in a close embrace and his hand is on the small of my back, guiding my hips in order to move in the proper way. My face is against his neck and after a while I start kissing him there, he does nothing to stop me, on the contrary his hands start exploring my body. Slowly, following the rhythm of the song playing, he dances me towards the mirror, where hi pins my back and starts kissing me. He pulls my underwear down from under my skirt and slowly goes down on me. Eventually we are on the floor and i go down on him too but do not let him finish. After that I ride him, no clothes, but my dancing shoes still on. We are having sex and he is showing me positions I have only imagined but never done in my very few sexual experiences. I follow his lead just like I do when we dance. After we are both finished we lay there on the wooden floor, out of breath looking at the fan on the ceiling, spinning, and enjoying the Latin music still playing.