Tantra for couples

A Sexual Fantasy

— By KinkyKong

Me and my wife share a special bond, it sounds overstated but we truly complete each other. We open up to each other and we share our intimate thoughts. Lately the idea of attending a tantric workshop for couples tops our fantasies. The host welcomes us to her place, she is light dressed, she is wearing a white see through dress and we are amazed by her petite and feminine figure. As we enter the hall where the session will take place the smell of candles and aromatic oils sets the mood, there are four other couples already sitting in a circle while we take our place in the circle. The host asks everyone to undress so the session can begin. For a second we are doubting and feel uncomfortable getting naked in front of other people but we are all after the same thing, to make our relation and our bonding even stronger. With soft voice the host guide us on how to apply oils on our partner’s body and give them a sensual and erotic massage, not long afterwards soft moans fill the room. The host sense the vibe of the group, obviously she is aroused and with the most sensual voice she asks the men to penetrate their partners until they climax. Being part of this incredible scene boosts our passion, I’m holding my wife tight and penetrate her slowly and deep. I can feel her climaxing while I’m filling her up with my warm sperm, I stay inside her while we kiss and watch the other couples around us to cuddle. We will book a place to another tantric workshop soon but next time maybe there will be a twist, who knows….