Surprising a Lesbian

A Sexual Fantasy

— By justaprettygirl

I know I look very straight and I've dated a lot of guys so no one would immediately guess that I've dated and hooked up with a lot of girls more privately. I've surprised a few girls when they've found this out about me, and I love that feeling when I surprise a girl who's attracted to me. It turns me on.

I've noticed sometimes butch/tomboy type lesbians with more masculine gender expression are overlooked. Maybe it's because we live in a patriarchal society and hetero men rarely experience arousal with them. I don't understand at all. I'm incredibly drawn to women like this and find them very, very sexy.

I love surprising women like this especially. I think they often expect me to stick to the femme "hot" girls (so deemed by men) because I'm bi and sometimes people assume I only identify as such to please men.

I fantasy about meeting a woman like this at a bar, who is both attracted to and skeptical of me. I want to prove her notions wrong and surprise her with my skills and focus all my attention on her and her pleasure. I want to make her feel like the queen for one night.