Spaghetti alla puttanesca

A Sexual Fantasy

— By eatsleepdaverepeat

I get out of the car and walk towards the reception. I go to the room and send a text message. Room 33 it says. She prepares for action. She undresses and puts on a minidress, stiletto's and a white blouse. No knickers, no bra and a clutch with a golden dildo in it. She makes sure her white blouse reveals a lot of cleavage. She informs the reception she is expected in room 33. When she opens the dark room I lie naked on the bed. She throws the clutch on the floor and bends over towards the wall next to the bed. I get up from the bed and start caressing her. I touch her hair, her breasts, her pussy is moist. I enter her and she shivers as she is filled up. I fuck her until I almost come. I tell her to get down on her knees and I shoot my sperm over her face, hair and blouse. She then lays down on the bed and takes the dildo from the clutch. I raise her minidress and tease her clit for a while before entering her moist pussy with the dildo. She is moving her body to let it enter as deep as possible. She takes my dick in her mouth and sucks it hard again. I start licking her clit slowly, as soft as possible. She comes very loud, she nearly screams. Her body contracts from the power of her orgasm. I get on top of her and start jerking off. I come again, this time all over her blouse and tits. I put on my clothes. She only adjusts hers, she didn't take them off. No bathroom visit or tissues either. I follow her down the stairs. Her face, hair, cleavage and blouse are wet from my sperm. She walks by the reception very slowly, from a distance I enjoy the sight and return the key. We drive home. I can't take my eyes off my cum covered goddess. I am making spaghetti alla puttanesca.