Shut up and do it!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By egeria

So this guy and I met on a dating website, me the virgin, him the dominant who made me discover sexual games, fantasies and pleasure. He said we were going to meet, he said it would be an amazing moment and that he was crazy about me. We were ready and willing to keep our relationship on the sexual level. We called ourselves Bonnie&Clyde and it's true we look a little bit like them. We chatted with other women in order to seduce them and ask them to make a threesome, his ultimate fantasy. But he kept none of his promises. I felt frustrated and rejected. He had awakened the full force of my lust and then disappeared. We were also friends on facebook and that's how I discovered where he lived. The day I took the train, I shaved entirely, like he said he liked, I put on red lipstick, a sexy dark blue dress, crimson underwear and black tights. The fantasy had begun.
I rang to his doorbell but his room-mate opened. He stared at me and I asked for him.
- Who should I announce?
I smiled:
- Just say Bonnie.
Oh I would have loved to see his face. I knew he would never resist seeing me now that I was at his doorstep, as impulsive as he is. Maybe he was scared or excited or angry. I didn't care whatsoever, I just wanted him to fuck me right on the spot, like he had said so many times. That it was going to be violent, that I was going to scream but that he wouldn't stop, that he would lick me until I come and then fill me up with his sperm.
Then I saw him. His features though tense, his eyes were fiery and he was smiling a little. He just looked at me, for the first time and I did not avoid his stare.
- I'm here, I said, already wet as hell.
- Come on in, he replied without even touching me.
He was so distant and polite I wanted to punch him but I sat on his red sofa, the one I had seen already on the pictures he had sent me.
- I like this sofa...
He looked at me intently:
- You really want me to bang you, then, really?
- Shut up and do it Clyde!
And so he did and the fantasy goes on...