Shoe Shine Boy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Shoeshine boy

It was almost closing time when a woman approached my shoe shine stand. She was smartly dressed but her tall, elegant black boots were dusty from walking. Despite the late hour, I went right to work, bringing every inch of her boots to a high shine.

By the time I had finished polishing her boots, I could see my reflection in them. As she admired my work, her legs parted slightly, and I caught a glimpse of her panties. Could she have flashed me on purpose?

It was now past closing time and everyone around us had closed up and left. But I didn't want her to leave. "Let me do one last spot check," I said.

I knelt down before her, pretending to find and wipe away specks of dust. "You're so thorough! Is that a spot?" she played along, pointing at her toe. I extended my tongue and licked her boot where she had pointed. She gestured at a spot on her other boot, and I eagerly licked it up. Then another and another, each spot a bit higher up than the one before, until I reached the top of her boots.

"Why don't you check a little further up?" she asked, pointing at her thigh, her spread legs wide.