She's the boss

A Sexual Fantasy

— By umemulo

Mary is an architect ... a very good one, a famous one in fact. She's the boss of her company. And he likes young men - very much.


She especially loves when the young students come to help during summer. She orders usually 3 or 4 to the buildings she works on. This time, it is an old department store where she is finishing the interior.Of course, she wears her tightest skirt and a shirt with the lowest possible décolletage ... it's impossible not to see her beautiful breasts, her thong peeking through the light fabric of her skirt.


She is ordering them: "Put this sofa there, desk to the left, chairs to the right." Her young men are working hard, sweating ... and taking every opportunity to sneak glances at her.She knows it and she uses it ... Mary puts the plans on the floor and they have no choice but to come face to face with her immaculate breasts for 5 minutes while they crowd around the paper ... she can smell the excitement of these young men, the hormones in their strong bodies.As if by chance, she is brushes them with her hips, breasts, her ass. She orders them while touching their genitals, backs, necks.


But when she can take no more, Mary pins one against the wall and takes out his cock. "Fuck me, NOW!!!!" She commands them all.They don't know what to do, so she is liberates their bulging cocks from their trousers and gives them oral one by one ... the bravest one slides down her panties and places himself there instead. She screams and grinds into his lap while all the other boys are kissing her. It is erotic chaos with everybody in and around her, and she is in ecstasy.