Sharing Dessert

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pip Finn

I've always found cooking and being cooked for a very sensual experience - a birthday threat when my girlfriend cooked in nothing but high heels and an apron comes to mind. However, in the years since then the fantasy has developed: I still dream of being pampered and cared for, cooked for and the food lovingly prepared and placed down in front of me. Perhaps I am blindfolded so the meal is a surprise. Once I start eating, she doesn't take a seat next to me but instead crawls under the table and plays with me as I eat. The most important thing in my fantasy is once I've finished my meal, the she emerges from under the table, pulls out the chair at the far end of the table, steps up on the chair and then up on the table and walks towards me. I'm sitting there looking up at here towering above me, wearing her heels and her apron. She goes down on her knees, leans over and kisses me. She lies down on the table and puts a leg over each of my shoulders and pulls my mouth into her so I that can taste her too.