Sexual Utopia

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Elija

I dream of a sexually liberated utopia, wherein sex is freed from all of its societal baggage. As an aromantic asexual person, I do not experience sexual and/or romantic attraction, but I would like to have a way to explore my sexuality with a person I trust and express my love to my closest friends, who are always there for me. In a world where sex still seems to be reserved for romantic partners or people who you’ll never see again (one-night-stands), this does not appear to be so simple. In my ideal society, free from such social expectations, I could just ask those close to my heart without any awkwardness whether they’re interested in some sexual experimentation, and they‘d be able to answer without any awkwardness. If they’re up for it, the deep platonic love we feel for one another could find an outlet. After discussing our preferences, we‘d start having our lips and tongues meet; slowly and softly, but passionately. Bit by bit, taking our time, we‘d remove our clothing, until I would explore their folds (nearly all my friends are AFAB) and other erogenous zones. I would continue giving them pleasure until they communicate to me that they‘ve had enough (for now). Afterwards, our friendship would continue as it had before. For all the kindness and patience my friends have given me, they deserve all the pleasure I can give from me. Hopefully, our society will soon come to a point that does still respect the sanctity of sex, while not seeing it as separate from the sanctity of friendship. Where sexual experimentation and exploration with friends does not put the friendship in jeopardy. Where one can openly discuss using sex as an expression of one’s deep platonic love - without any awkwardness.