Sex in a New Body

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kapcize

Have you seen the science fiction series Altered Carbon? In the world that it describes all the data of a human being: memories, feelings, and knowledge is stored in a small electronic device that has a form of a vertebra and placed in the upper part of the vertebral column. Thus, people who have the means can change their bodies by inserting the device in a new one. Characters of the series seem to be interested in the eternal life they can have by exchanging an old body by a younger one. But I, only thought of the multiple sexual experiences I can enjoy if I had that possibility. I believe we feel different things according to our bodies’ differences. So I would move from a male body to a female one and vice versa just to explore different feelings. Or from a white skin to black or Asian or try sex having a massive penis, then a small one. Or with different sizes and forms of breasts or vaginas as a woman. Etc.