Seduction in the Hair Salon

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Walking through my old neighbourhood, I noticed that the old barber shop was refurbished. Curious, I entered the shop and noticed all was new inside. My biggest surprise was that the old grumpy barber was gone too, and replaced by a sexy, curvy redhead. I said how surprised I was to see all the positive changes. She smiled, and I instantly fell for her. We agreed on a hairwash, and after a haircut. I reclined in the barber's chair, and she placed the washbasin behind my head and began washing my hair. It felt awesome! Her soft hands massaging my head, it gave me an erection. When I looked up, I looked directly in her cleavage, revealing a pair of perfect, freckled covered breasts. When she noticed my erection, she smiled, saying that this was the first time she had this effect on a man, by just washing his hair. I felt awkward, but also proud. She smiled, closed the door of the shop, and unbuttoned her blouse, showing her breasts. Slowly, she unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock. Gently, she massaged the shaft between her full breasts, before giving me a very intense blow job. At the end, she massaged my balls to get a better ejaculation, and when it came, she quickly pushed it between her breasts again, letting me shower this perfect pair of soft perfection. When she stood up, we looked each other deep in the eye, and laughed loudly. Then, she finished my haircut with her blouse still open, her breasts caressing my cheeks when she bended over me. This will be my barber's shop of choice from now on!