Royal sexcapades

A Sexual Fantasy

— By carrybradshaw

I keep on imagining the same scenario over and over...A king who admires beauty and sensuality is searching for a wife throughout his kingdom. He invites hundreds of beautiful women to his palace and orders to prepare them for this special occasion. All women gather in the washing rooms and spas of the kingdom being spoiled with luxuries treatments and massages for weeks to come. At the same time the women have mentors who show them how to please men and women equally. After they were trained to please and seduce, as well as being seduced by each other, they are invited one by one to join the king in his royal bedroom. But before they step up to the king's bed, they enter the room in a silky cape and stop a few meters in front of the kings bed. Then another man, sometimes two, come in and take off the woman's cape and start pleasuring her. The king watches them while being aroused by the scene in front of him. After the woman comes, the man sends her to the king and walks out of the bedroom. Now the king makes passionate love to the woman, stroking her breasts, thighs, her ass and her clit. The woman bends over to the king and strikes him very gently with her long golden curls, making him shiver for a brief moment. Then she starts liking his torso very gently and climbs on top of him. She takes his very hard penis and puts it inside herself. She is so wet by this point that they moan loudly as pure joy overcomes them both. She rides up and down and he comes up to suck her nipples and hold her tight.