Queer Class

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cactus Cacti

Now, Two Spirits are part of the Queer umbrella, implied in the + after LGBTQIA, if not added in the form of 2S. Are there Two Spirits directors and performers out there? I want to know what they’ve got to say! And then, there is everything queer, mixed and matched, categorized and uncategorized. Communities found, searched for, created… There is asexuality. There is my personal confusion about what it really means. Are there asexual people in the industry who’d like to share about how it relates to them? (I actually remember a small mention of this in one of your movies…) There are things to be learned, like translating non-binary pronouns (when not having the opportunity to ask someone how they would like to be referred to in languages that are not their own)… So many things to learn! I want a Queer School, opinions shared, responsible equitable free speech; ideas challenged, pushed forward, etc. Learning is sexy… (and you know how to make it spicy!) I want the courage and confidence to be both queer and an ally even in crowds that do not align with these bolder visions of human identities and sexuality. Especially in those crowds.