Queen of Fuckdom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By It'sYourHighness

It's 1792 and I am the Queen of England. It is my duty to uphold the law and to provide children as the heirs to the throne - but because I am the Queen, I am forbidden from exploring my desires outside of the arranged marriage I am in. So I have to do it in secret...

I saw a young man wandering the grounds of my palace. The bulge beneath his trousers caught my eye every time I saw him.

I summoned him to my bedroom and gave him his new instructions and role in the Palace. Every morning he sneaks quietly into my bedroom where I am asleep. He pulls back the curtains from my four-poster bed, and sees me amongst the piles of cushions and silken sheets. Lifting up the covers, he slowly and carefully moves towards me, parting my legs delicately to find that I am already wet with subconscious anticipation. He trails the tips of his fingers along the skin on my inner thighs, kissing all the way up until he reaches my pussy. Slowly and gently he starts to lick and suck, until I am waking with shudders and moans, thundering towards an intense, dreamy orgasm. When I have come, I decide whether I want him to take out his cock and slide it deep inside me.. or whether I am satisfied for the day, and can send him back to his other Palace duties.