I put him in a trance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hero

Sometimes, with just a quirk of a smile and a flash of my eyes, he will go stupidly nonverbal. He will stare at me from wherever we are in space and time: across a restaurant table, in our kitchen, dancing to music, skinny dipping in the moonlight, and in these moments I see myself through his eyes– a goddess, almost unreal. He can’t seem to move in one direction or another, to figure out how to move his limbs or how to hold me. I love this power that I hold over him. If I move close, he begins to almost shake with a certain electricity, and I can sense the hair on the back of his arms rise. He is hard even before I touch him. He trembles beneath my fingers– I can feel his heart beating hard in his chest; feel his breath quicken, the sweat beading under his arms, and when I kiss him, he softly moans. It is if he can’t quite believe that I am there– warm and solid and in front of him. And when he slides into me, his eyes close and his mouth hangs just slightly open, and he just whispers “Oh God…”