Power Stance: My Seductive Heroine

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ricccp18

I want a girl to stand in front of me with her legs spread wider than shoulder width apart. I imagine her looking at me with intensity. It starts off almost as a look of anger, but then evolves into a fiery, seductive grin. She shakes herself left and right as she stands before me like a gorgeous superheroine. I strip naked for her and walk towards her. We make out passionately and I start foreplay by kissing her neck and her breasts. She pushes my head down as if to order me to pleasure her clitoris. Still standing with her legs spread wide, she holds me down on her vagina and writhes with pleasure as I lick her pussy. After more than seven minutes of giving her oral pleasure, she tugs my head up with her hands on my cheeks telling me to follow her. We go into her bedroom and she pushes me down onto her bed. She climbs on top of me and straddles my face. I give her more oral pleasure until she orgasms. But she's not done. She begins kissing and licking my chest until she reaches my hard cock. She sucks it for a long time before straddling it and riding me like her stallion; rolling and thrusting her hips in pleasure. As we near climax, she leans forward and whispers to me "let me feel it all inside me." I cum inside her and she shakes with orgasm at the same time. Fatigued, she collapses next to me and we fall into a deep sleep in each other's arms.