Please her

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wink

I often imagine arranging and sometimes witnessing a four handed massage for my wife. I love the idea of either seeing or just knowing she is being pampered by two men the way I would love to be spoiled by two women in my oldest fantasies. In my dreams, my wife lies on a massage table in a warm soothing setting and begins to receive a massage from two nice looking men. The massage is legit and saturates her body and mind with relaxation and pleasure, eliminating all inhibition. As they massage copious amounts of slippery oil onto her thighs and the rest of her body, their four hands get closer and closer to her pussy. She obviously notices and gently spreads her legs implying they can get even closer. From here it can go many ways but I like it best when my wife is brought to one or many intense orgasms without any attempt or need to reciprocate. If she does suck or fuck a cock, it’s only because she insisted on it to make her cum more. When she has had enough, it ends and everyone works to make her comfortable before leaving her to enjoy the feelings. Often she is the only one to cum but no one cares because her pleasure was the only focus.