We Play Sex Games at the Office

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sexydiver

My significant other and I work in the same floor, in an open office environment, a fairly large office, maybe 30 to 50 people, mostly young professionals in our 30s. It’s a relaxed, fairly artistic crowd, we’re all pretty creative and fun. In particular, both of us love to do pranks, and the more daring the more exciting. It keeps our relationship pretty spicy.

Last Friday afternoon, I connected into the company’s PA system which as usual continually plays soft background music on the whole floor, and added, at a very low volume, just barely audible, the audio track of our favorite porn movie.

At first no-one noticed, but as the music is sometimes softer, eventually there were quite a few puzzled looks, many chuckles, and outright laughs as no-one could tell where the sound was coming from, it was as if someone was watching a porn movie in their cubicle. People blushing, scurrying all over to find out where this was coming from.

We couldn’t wait to get home that evening. I wonder if they’ll ever get that elevator carpet clean again!