Paying the Price

A Sexual Fantasy

— By renegade

I spotted her the moment I walked in to the party. It was an elegant affair hosted by my accountant for his high end clients. These were some of the movers and shakers from our city. She was talking with a small group of people that I recognised from social pages in the newspaper. She was strikingly lovely in a very interesting fashion. Not a fashion model beauty, but clearly a woman that knew what she wanted and how to get it. Her glance caught my eye and I saw a slight smile form on her lips that intrigued me. I made the decision right then that I was going to meet her before the evening was over.

Finally about an hour into the party she broke away from the group and made her way to the hosted bar. Seizing the opportunity I too approached the bar and offered to buy her whatever she was thirsting for.

"Just a water", she said to the bartender. I had one as well and we made our way to a small table to chat. I noticed that she was not wearing a wedding ring and thought perhaps this party might just be better than I anticipated. We chatted and it turns out my accountant had been doing her taxes for several years and we had one or two common friends.

As the party started to wind down I asked her for her number saying perhaps we could meet in the future.

"If you have a car, you can give me a ride home and we continue our conversation", she stated.

"Yes I have a car, why don't we go now, this party seems to be coming to and end", I suggested.

So we made our way to my car which was parked nearby and proceeded to her address which was no more than twenty minutes away. As we drove she began running her hand down my leg and it was clear she was interested in more than a ride home.

Once we arrived at her house, a large, elegant home which was well above my pay grade, she invited me in and showed me the home. It was beautiful and we ended up in one of the bedrooms. She excused her self to get into something comfortable, returning in a negligee.

"Now we need to get you more comfortable", she purred into my ear as she slowly started unbuckling my belt. In no time my clothing was laying in a heap next to the full sized 4-poster bed. We were full engaged in vigorous foreplay when she grabbed my fully erect penis.

"I have a favor to ask", she said.

"Well you have my attention for sure", I replied.

"Hold still and I'll show you want I desire", she cooed.

From a box under the bed she pulled out restraints and quickly had me bound by all fours to the posts of the bed.

"How does that feel", she asked.

"Well there's a first time for everything", I responded.

She quickly engulfed my somewhat limp penis in her wonderful mouth and brought it back to full attention. Things seemed to be going my way. I heard a door close somewhere in the house. She raised her eyes to mine, removing my penis for moment from her mouth, and said "Stay calm".

She then grabbed a ball gag from the box and put in my mouth and strapped it in place.

"Don't move", she laughed, "I'll be right back". And left the room closing the door behind her.

Now not knowing what to expect, I lay on a stranger's bed, bound and gagged, completely naked and defenceless.

I could hear a conversation in the hallway outside the door which was now thrust open and in walked a strikingly handsome blonde man, in excellent physical shape. Following him came my seductress and captor.

"So you thought you'd have your way with my wife", the man asked.

Obviously I was in no position to reply other than gurgle around the gag. He smiled and walked over to the bed, "Don't worry, I don't intend to harm you. At least not much, anyway", he said.

With that he clasped his hand around my shrinking penis and proceeded to milk it back to life once again. He then instructed, his wife, my captor, to turn me over and have my face at the foot of the bed. "Don't try to escape,", he said, and squeezed my dick so hard I slammed my eyes shut and screamed into the gag. I wasn't going anywhere.

His wife quickly adjusted me on the bed and insured that the restraints kept me in place. The ball gag was removed and now the husband removed his clothes to display a nice stout cock. "Today you are going to find out there are consequences to playing with another man's wife". He then proceeded to force me to pleasure him with my mouth. When he was happy with that he had his wife lubricate my virgin ass and he proceeded to fuck my ass for what seemed like an hour. He didn't come though, no he saved that for my mouth. It was my first time having sex with a man but it won't be my last.