Pain in the Third Degree

A Sexual Fantasy

— By niateese

I want to live my life
I'm a student, A teacher,
I’m a busy woman
But I long for him. I long for the one
My Perfect Master
A place where I can release and let go of my
responsibilities and replace them with new duties

But now, I feel truly fulfilled
For I have found my master
Perfect, Untamed
Passion, Unbridled

I have found my Master
I succumb
I submit
I reach peace in the freedom
Of releasing the control
And belonging to another
Solely for their pleasure

The organization
Of time, of space
Of flesh
Of the race of words
Mounting in my mind

I enter your abode
Prostrate, alert
Heart pounding
Breath mounted in the heat of anticipation
And chill of the crisp winter’s air

Strip me
Force my knee
Demand obedience
So I may defy you
My nipples rise
And my thighs dripping
With the moist wet scent of
My sex
Awaiting my just deserts

You grab my face
Squeezing my cheeks
You pull my hair hard
Making me to rise
Slam me against the door
I assume the position
Bending me over

You tell me it is time to learn
Grabbing the whip
You tell me how many times
I will pay for my transgression

The leather strips swing and snap
On my mount from behind
You slide it backwards
I could come thinking about what
Awaits me.

Snap- another hit ricochets off my buttocks
I grunt, holding in the scream as I feel
The burn rise and my sex swell with excitement
10 times, you said, 10 times…

You pull me up and around and slam my hands
Up against a wall
Whispering in my ear
Are you ready to obey?
Am I ready?

I am ready to push you
Kick you
Enrage you
So that you release
The hardest, sweetest punishment
On my body

Force my mouth
My hands bound
Feet pronated, pointing
I have lost balance
And let my body fall
Into the current of pain
Pleasure waves swell
Beyond my ability
To perceive

My senses have been assaulted
By your harsh, unrelenting reprieve
I am free in this
Sexual contradiction
I have ascended
To pain
In the 3rd degree