No Underwear At The Dentist's!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By The bravest of them all

I have been nervous about going to the dentist my whole life. I've always found it disgusting and scary; a very unpleasant experience over all.

A few years ago I changed dentist studio and suddenly I changed my mind, too.

First time I step in, a fine young man greats me and walks me to his chair.

He has a comforting smile, and I instantly think he might be my type. Jokingly, I declare right away that I dislike dentists very much and he swears to prove me wrong. During the appointment, he flirts with me, quite openly and in an elegant way at the same time. I play the game and flirt back, and for once I am at ease among such terrible torture instruments. As I am laying on his chair with his fingers in my mouth, I can't help but start imaging the thrill of his hands suddenly all over my body and the unexpected twist that this appointment might take... I am instantly aroused and fantasise about all of the things that I'd like to do to him and all of those I want him to do to me. I remember vividly the longing to have his dick sliding between my thighs and into my wet, impatient pussy... I let a malicious sigh out of my mouth, extremely satisfied with the fact that I lie there filled with lust and excitement while he seems not to suspect a single thing.

I walk out with a silly grin on my face. I have fantasised about this man going down hard on me ever since. I now look forward to my dentist's appointments and actually would like to schedule more frequent check-ups, only to show up with no knickers under my skirt and whisper that I wear no underwear to his ear. I have yet to decide if I want to tell him that before he starts seeing to my teeth or right before I leave. Will report back when I do that.