New Saturnalia

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bumblebee

I confess: the ancient Romans knew how to get down. So here’s my invitation for “New Saturnalia.”
We celebrate life with strangers dressed up in god masks, breaking out of our normal lives. Jupiter bringing his Juno, Minerva arriving with Mars and Venus is coming around with Apollo. I don’t know who is behind these masks but I don’t mind. Entertainment, wine and lascivious dancing to get our bacchatio warmed up.
Stripped down, everyone takes care of each other – no matter who arrived with whom. We feed each other, drink wine out of each other’s cups and keep fucking until the break of dawn, pretending this night would never end.
Nemo potest personam diu ferre, ficta cito in naturam suam recidunt. So we return to our everyday lives, looking forward for next years “New Saturnalia” to come.