Naughty school girl, naughty teacher

A Sexual Fantasy

— By worranna

As my lover and I like to keep our sex life diversified, we're always open to try new things. What we have thought and talked about a lot but not yet acted out (I still have to purchase the right outfit) is the following role play.

I would be a young, seemingly innocent and pretty schoolgirl, wearing a miniskirt and pigtails.
He would be the handsome and intelligent teacher in a black suit (I have a thing for men in suits!) who generously agreed to tutor me.
The fact that he was my teacher in real life and is 16 years older would make everything even more realistic.

I'll seduce him by 'accidentally' dropping a pencil and then picking it up slowly so he can stare at my tits and ass 'unnoticed'. I'll come back from the bathroom with my blouse widely unbuttoned. Or with the top of my skirt 'unknowingly' trapped in my thong. Or I'll 'incidentally' move closer to him, touching his trousers with my naked knee, his foot with my heels ...

I'd also love it the other way round, him seducing me. He'd look me deep in the eyes and smile warmly for a long time until I start to blush and have to look away. He'd 'unintentionally' touch my newly shaved leg. Or he'd slowly take a feather from my hair or tear a thread from my skirt. Later, he'd 'undeliberately' spill a glass of water on my blouse and offer me to wear one of his shirts so I won't catch a cold...