My Wife the Teacher

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gold

My wife and I have breakfast and I leave home for a few hours.

When I return, to my surprise, I find our living room turned into a makeshift classroom - blackboard, desk and all, with my wife dressed up as a teacher, and fuming at me, for being late for class.

Naturally, being taken by surprise, I did not do my homework. In front of the classroom, at the blackboard, failing.

No question about it, I get detention. Between her legs.

She dominates me all the way, commanding me around to lick her pussy (and pressing my head between her thighs so hard I can hardly breathe), to hold off on cumming (don't you dare or I'll flunk you).

I leave ashamed, promising to do my homework for next time, but - not surprisingly for such a thick-headed student - failing again.

And to make things more difficult for my education, the next time I step into the classroom, one of my wife's girl friends sits at the classroom desk next to my own, all dressed up as a student and with the smug face of a teachers pet.