My Submissive Student

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sir

Although I'm still young, I'm a lecturer at a University, on a course that is frequented mostly by men. However, there is one young lady in my classes that has caught my eye on numerous occasions. She's small, petite, and cute, but with a rather large personality. Always eager to chat and so very open - drawing the attention of the gentleman from the entire class. She dresses in peculiar ways, but to someone with an interest in fetish, like myself, is recognisable. She wears collars, corsets, wrist-cuffs and the like, but with subtlety - only capable of grasping the attention of those with similar interests. My suspicions were confirmed once I found her on a Fetish community website that I also frequent.
Although I'd never dare, there's a tiny part of me that would love to message her and strike up a conversation. Get to know her - likes, dislikes, loves, hates, and most of all, her fantasies. She's a submissive, so her profile states, whom my own fantasy would be that she fantasises about someone in a position of power over her; a lecturer perhaps?
I'd ask her to stay behind after a lecture to talk for a moment. I'd call her by her profile-name. She'd be surprised at first, but we laugh it off - we're all human after all. We'd chat and joke as we both slowly close the distance between us. Looking up at me, trying to hide her excitement, eyes wide. Hoping, waiting, dying for me to fulfil her fantasy. The one she'd confessed to me.
I'd lean in, hands gently on her shoulders, and whisper in her ear - "Good students do as they're told". She quivers, biting her lip.
"Are you a good student?" I'd ask.
She nods with a smile.
I'd tell her to gather her things. To put her coat on. She'd be confused, but obedient. 'Yes sir' she'd say with a smirk.
Beckoning her to follow, she obeys, trotting beside me, a hop in her step. We hurry home. Our clothes swiftly removed. Our bodies embraced. My hands upon her, her hands upon me. An evening of fantasies to indulge - a firm teacher, and his submissive student.