My Sexual Hunger at the Butchers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sherezade

So, we are in the middle of the quarantine and I don't know for how long we have been locked up. I've come to think I won't ever have sex with any other human being besides myself again (a horrible thought)! For days I have been craving for some delicious sausages they sell at a butchers' nearby, and today I had this really intense and bizarre experience as I went out to buy them: The mayoress put a new decree which only allows women to go on the streets every other day, so today no men were out. But as I walked into the butcher, I found myself in front of 10 men, all staring at me with knifes in their hands, some cutting meat on a large metal table, others packing it up. We were all wearing masks to cover our mouths, theirs had a camouflage pattern and they were dressed in white with aprons and rubber boots. I was surprised as I suddenly started feeling extremely aroused. One of them came over to the counter to take my order, I enjoyed asking whether he had sausages as I bit my lips under the mask and looked at him. I had the feeling they all could feel my sexual hunger and their instinct would guide them to please me lustfully. I couldn't help but start to think of me lying on the metal table, all these men dressed in white. They would put their knifes aside as they'd start going around me in circles. They probably would start by massaging me and taking my clothes off until I would be lying nude on the table, then they would please me, lick me, kiss me, bite me, fuck me. I wonder, how many men I could fuck in one day?