My Midnight Knight

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ms. Cummings Allen

Ravaging through my closet, there was a lavish Renaissance dress with a sexy corset, luscious lacing, and swirls of flowery patterns, sculpting an hourglass figure. The dress is plump with satin and soft velvet.
In a trance, the dress put itself on me. The corset squeezes my body; my breast enhanced, buxom and voluptuous.
My diaphragm tightened, my internal organs pushed up, I begin to lose breath.
Struggling, choking, panicking, scavenging my back, desperately trying to loose the lace, passing out.
My eyes flutter, as light passes through my lashes, revealing a knight in silver armor, gleaming over my body.
The knight flails his sword with one quick, finessed swipe vertically through my dress, missing skin. Naked.
My body in an uncontrolled, Holy Ghost shake, squirms upon the floor, gasping hard at that satisfying new breath of air.
My hero, The Knight, towers over me, standing above my naked body, in his splendid silver armor, waving his massive sword. I hear him breathing loudly through the slits of his helmet... deeply… slowly.
The knight carefully brushes the sharp tip of his sword upon my clit.
My pussy starts sweating from adrenaline, holding my breath deeply…watching nervously and intently from the blade taunting my cunt.
I start grinding my pussy slowly along the tip of his sharp sword, eyes rolled back, and licking my lips. The wet, juicy cream from my pussy scrapes on the blade.
My thrust intensifies, going around carefully.. faster and faster, as I'm panting and moaning... louder and louder.
I want his sword inside me. The anticipation of his sharp blade piercing my insides made me ripe for fucking.
I couldn't take it anymore. I reached out to fiercely pull in and get rammed through my pussy, but humping nothing but air.
The knight was gone. I'm breathing rapidly and heavily, left in suspense of climax.
Naked, alone, and on top of a torn Renaissance dress. I’ll be looking for my knight in shining armor.