Love Maid

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Maniac1976

I'm taking a shower in a cosy vintage hotel room. I finish the shower and walk into the bedroom naked. Small drops of water are shining on my old school tattoos. Bent over one of the armchairs there is a sexy brunette maid, dressed in short black skirt with white lace. I can see her panties. So, I approach her and start to caress her pussy through the cotton withe panties. Her pussy starts to get juicy and the panties get wet. I take of her panties and put the her in front of me on her knees. She sees my erection and starts to suck my cock. I touch her hair and her breasts. After a couple of minutes of moans she bends over the armchair, touching her ass and her pussy. I slip my cock into her pussy. She screams, enjoying every movement my penis makes inside her. After she has a very wet and hot orgasm...