Let me pose for you

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anoymous

While my boyfriend has taken up drawing, I have started to experiment with exhibitionism. This is how I imagine our worlds to collide perfectly...

There I am. Completely naked. In the middle of a heated studio. The air is so thick with anticipation, that I can’t seem to move. At least fifteen pairs of eyes follow every pearl of sweat forming on my skin, growing larger and slowly gliding down my body, dripping off my lips, my nipples, my ass. They are drawing me. Observing me from a distance. And still, I feel as if every time they touch their paper, they are touching me. As their eyes move across my body, their hands move across their drawing. I see and hear their pencils moving faster and slower, eagerly and ashamed, intently and hesitant. Oh how I wish I could see how they depict me... – instead, I become their canvas. I am in the eye of their hurricane of gazes.

The dry graphite, the coal dust, the scratching of the pencils over the drawing surface stand in stark contrast to my shiny, damp body, sweating away under their looks. I long for someone to get up, approach me, touch me gently to change my posture and let me relax some of my tense muscles. But they keep to their projections of me. Slowly, I start to touch myself – first, as if just to brush away some sweat, then more and more willfully. I scrutinize their faces, look for mirrors of my lust, a bitten lip, a protruded tongue, an open mouth. Can they keep up with me, now that I have taken over?

Three of the painters drop their tools and come up to me. First their hands, then their mouths and lastly their cocks test and compare my threedimensionality – they pinch my nipples, slap my ass, rub themselves against my face, my tits, my belly, my legs. They are my three assistants, helping me to sculpt my body towards an orgasm. When I come, I hear a symphony of pencils echoing my lust.

During all of this, my boyfriend sits behind his easel, furiously and contently taking all this in and putting it to paper. Later, we will hang up his work of art in our bedroom.