A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sophie Enz

I'm not sure wether you know what a Krampus is or not, so I might as well explain that first.

Krampus is an ancient creature that is part of Austrian and partly German culture. It is said to follow St. Nikolaus to punish people who have been bad. In Austria we have one night a year when (mostly) guys dress up as Krampus (with a fur coat and masks and all) and walk around town to hunt people.

That said, my fantasy is:

I move to another part of town, my new apartment building is said to be haunted, but I'm a college student so I don't care about that because rent is cheap. But already the first night my new neighbour, a Krampus, what else, comes to pay me a visit. I kick him out.

The next day he rings my door bell to say that he's sorry, I invite him in. We have coffee and a chat, as I notice that his "head" is really just a mask. I remove it and discover a Jason Mamoa type of guy under it. We start to make out and I discover the zipper to his fur coat. He's naked under it. And since I've found out about his secret he goes on and punishes me for being a bad girl.