I'll Be The Predator, You Be The Prey

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

It is prehistoric times. You are running in the woods, naked. Feet pounding, arms pumping. Wild mane of hair streaming behind you. Face taught with strain – but smiling. A smile of hunger, and anticipation.

For I am chasing you. I am your male. Your master. The one who protects you, and feeds you. Who hunts and kills so you can live another day.

I have to hunt. Always. I have to fight. But sometimes there is no game. And there is no marauder, no enemy. But my body is primed to go. Energy surges through me. It needs an outlet.

So you become my prey. It is a game we play. I give you a head start, to make it something of a challenge. But you and I both know in short time I will catch you. And I will take you.

You hear my steps behind you. Running, hard and fast. Gaining on you. You glance over your shoulder and see me. Every muscle focused on the prize. Eyes intent. Legs churning. Cock rock hard.

I smell your excitement. Already, you have submitted. Your body wants to be taken even as you try to flee. I have to have you. Now.

With a burst of speed I overtake you. I bring you to the ground. You kick and punch to make it fun. We both know you can never hurt me, and with each attempt to fend me off, your arousal increases tenfold. As does my need to claim you.

I subdue you. You have no choice but to submit. You are already coming and your screams fill the air. I spread your legs with my knees and drive myself into you. I drive deeper and deeper until my entire body explodes into you. Now I got you.