If Only We'd Not Been Interrupted...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ShimmeringStar

I'm a medical student and as part of my training I do surgery rotations. On my first day on a recent rotation, I was stood watching the surgeons do their thing when I glanced over to where the anaesthetist, who I'd never met before, was stood.

And at once, completely out of nowhere: mutual lust. I have no idea why him or why then, but there it was. The next day, he arrived wearing a wedding ring. I think it was as much for his benefit as mine but no matter how much we proactively avoided being near one another, our eyes ALWAYS met across the room constantly, 10, 20, 30 times a day.

One day I was looking for someone and passed his office. He looked up, saw me standing in his doorway and the desire to do very good bad things to each other was immediate and palpable. There was a couch up against the wall. I glanced at it and he followed my gaze.

The sound he made - part groan, part growl - as he understood what I was asking was so sexually charged that I felt my pussy clench instinctively in response. I will never forget the look on his face or the sound he made for as long as I live. A moment later, another doctor interrupted us to remind him of a meeting they had to attend. I left and didn't seem him again - I heard he was on annual leave for the final part of my rotation.

I have multiple fantasies about what might have been. Him bending me over his desk and fucking me hard from behind until we both came, my pussy milking him, dragging his cock and cum deep inside me. Me dragging him out his office chair onto the couch and straddling him, riding us both to orgasm. Sucking him off in his office chair while kneeling under his desk - with the door open maybe, adding even more risk. Him letting his inhibitions go with my encouragement and fucking me in the ass so both my pussy and ass were filled with his cum. Me masturbating on his couch while he attends a video call, trying to concentrate on his meeting while I silently finger myself for him; in a longer version of this fantasy, he excuses himself to go to "the bathroom", turns his camera and mic off, fucks me hard and fast on the couch until we both cum and then he returns to the video call, hoping his expression doesn't betray him.

I often wonder what would have happened if we'd not been interrupted. Do I think we'd have fucked? Probably. I suspect that just once wouldn't have been enough though.