If I Were A Girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hidden Passion

I fantisise about how I would approach my dominant female sexual desires if I were a girl and dream of viewing it as a reality.

I would have the most gorgeous partner who worships the ground I walk on, a muscly jock guy with a heart of gold but with an incredible, animalistic sexual appetite and the willingness to pleasure me as I like it. It is my birthday and I want to build up to the biggest orgasm of my life. I dress him in a pair of tight trunks to display his gorgeous body, then blindfold him, and tie his arms and legs to a chair. Without him seeing, I remove my robe to feel a slim, sensual, satin bikini.

I pick up some massage oil and quietly approach him from behind. I sensually massage his neck and shoulders first. Then I follow my gliding my hands up and down his muscular arms, legs, chest and stomach. Everywhere except the area covered by his trunks. I then climb on top of him and grind on him, feeling his excitement growing through the thin fabric and rubbing myself up against his shiny, sexy, oily body.

I turn around and sit on his lap, by back pressed to his front and undo his blindfold and untie his hands so that he can take my bikini top off and lean forward to kiss my neck passionately while slowly rubbing his hands up the side of my stomach and ribcage before I gide them over to squeeze and massage my boobs and tweak my nipples which arouses me more and more by the second.

I carefully tip the chair backwards so that he is lying on the floor, legs still tied to the legs. I bend down to kiss his whole body, and lick his big hard cock through his trunks. I then crouch down over his mouth so that he can kiss, suck, and lick my hot, wet pussy. He starts by licking and sucking my lips, before slipping his tounge inside me and tingling me while I grow more and more excited. I grind my pussy against his tongue until he gets to my clitorous. He licks around the spot first before then sliding his tongue right against my spot. sending waves of pleasure through my body. He keeps going until I'm squirming, moaning, and squealing with pleasure.

When I have finished with him pleasuring me orally, I tip the chair back onto all four feet, untie his ankles, and passionately kiss him while I finally slide his trunks off. Now feeling a little submissive, I invite him to release his animalism, stand up, lift me off my feet, and fuck me with incredible passion and sensuality until we both cum together, pleasure like I have never known before pulsating all through my body, and I feel his warm cum inside me.

Now that we are finished, I need to remind him of the true dominant in our sexual relationship. While he lies on his back, I crawl up him and have him stick his tongue out to lick his cum out of me. I then kiss him and we swap it between us while it slowly trickles out of our mouths and down us as we both end up as hot, sticky, warm messes and feel closer to each other than ever before showering together and lovingly cleaning each other off.